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Item #1701     8mm Boron Cutter Spot Weld Cutter. Made in the USA for specialty drills
Item #1701     8mm Boron Cutter Spot Weld Cutter. Made in the USA for specialty drills

Item #1701 8mm Boron Cutter Spot Weld Cutter. Made in the USA for specialty drills

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This listing is for 1 new 8 mm Carbide Boron brand Spot Weld cutters. Made in the USA. Some car makers are starting to put very, very, very hard Boron steel in there automobiles. Normal spot weld cutters will not, will not, will not cut these steels. Even this bit can break when trying to cut these steels. This bit is not the one bit to cut all steels. On normal steels you should use the other more common spot weld cutters. In the rare cases that you run into the hard Boron steel, and you must drill it, such as for reusing certain panels. This is the bit for the job. The best thing to do with boron steel where you can is to grind the welds to cut them. We understand that some welds must be drilled. Again these bits are the only ones able to do these hardest steels. They are very, very, very expensive, and can break easily, but at times, necessary to get a very difficult job done. These are the best money can buy. They are made for the Spitznagel/ Dent Fix  Spot Weld Cutter drills and most of the Generic clones, including Astro and Blue Point Spot weld drills. But you must control the rpm's keeping them low. It is multi layer coated to add strength to the bit, and 3 fluted.  With Spitznagel drills, always check your C-clamps replacable cup. Be sure it is in good shape. As they loss shape, they can cause these expensive bits to break. I sell these as well, they are not expensive and now would be a good time to purchase to save your bits and save on shipping. Due to the nature of drilling these super hard steels, there are no warranties on them. There are many things that factor into the life of these bits, our 100 percent satifaction guarantee is this on  this cutter,  if once you recieve the cutter, you on your inspection are unhappy with it, we will allow it returned for refund only if unused.   We specialize in selling cutting products to Body Shops. We sell only High Quality tested products.  

Note: these are made for the specialty spot weld cutter drills, will not work in a standard type drill.